What Should You Know About the Boss Laser

The Boss Laser LS-1630 is a machine that offers small business owners or hobbyists the ability to perform a variety of engraving tasks on materials such as metal, leather, stones, and more. Instead of being forced to pay over $15,000 for a machine, small business owners can now purchase the Boss Laser for much less. This laser offers extensive options and applications, making it one of the most trusted metal Laser engravers on the market. With this information, individuals will be armed with the facts they need so they can make an informed decision on their purchase.

What are the Features of the LS-1630?

There are many features offered with the LS-1630. Some of the features offered with this laser engraver can be upgraded, depending on the needs of the purchaser. These are some of the most important features available with this machine.

The machine includes a 65-watt CO2 laser tube but it can be upgraded to 100 watts for an increased lifespan.

The machine comes with a new software package called LaserWORKS V8 which is a stand-alone application that can directly output to CorelDraw.

The LS-1630 allows for maximum options for material handling because it allows for front, back, and side pass-thru applications.

Users will find the LS-1630 offers precise accuracy and alignment with the inline beam combiner which combines the red beam with a laser to offer pinpoint accuracy.

The LS-1630 offers much safer operation with a 250 CFM exhaust fan and vent which quickly and effectively removes smoke and fumes.

The Max air compressor keeps the work surface clean during use so projects are not damaged.

The machine is easier than ever to use with Auto Focus which allows for quick regulation between the laser head and the materials being engraved for proper accuracy.

Learn More Today

Those who want to learn more about the Boss Laser LS-1630 are encouraged to check out the website today. Here, individuals can learn more about the features and the laser engraver prices so they can decide on the perfect laser engraver for their business or hobby needs. Visit or call today to get your questions answered.


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